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100% distributed working method

Our way of working

We largely have a distributed way of working without fixed offices - we all work wholly or partly remotely. Three tools keep us together: Slack for communication, Trello for planning and our own tool for handling all deliveries and follow-ups to the customer. In addition, everyone uses the tools and methods they like best.

On our blog you can read more about what it is like to work with us.

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Create your own role

If you want to work in a self-financed startup and share our values, you should get in touch! We are growing and always have a lot going on. We have not yet fully decided what roles and skills we need.

If you are the right person, you also have a picture of what may be needed in a company like this. And then we would like to talk to you! Email to (a tip: if you want to shape your own role, write a little about what you have in mind!)

how to apply

How to apply

Email to and tell us what you want to do with us, why we should take you in and how we are a perfect match.

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