One million people in Sweden do not like they job

We want to change that.

What we do

Go Monday helps you develop and take the next step in your life. We offer a range of advisory services in order for you, as a professional, to be able to quickly get help in your job life when you need it.

All our services are booked and executed digitally, delivered within 24 hours and consist of guidance that actually works. All our advice is based on the GO-method and is well proven.

Why we exist

Seven out of ten people do not like their jobs. The road to change often feels long and difficult, but we on Go Monday refuse to accept discontent over change just because the road there feels awkward. We support people on the road to a more meaningful professional life.

The job often has a large part in our social everyday lives and is an important element of our personal identity. Doing something that feels meaningful or evolving is becoming increasingly important. What we work with - with whom - and how, greatly affects how we feel. We also believe that counseling should be simple, accessible and inspiring.

Customers and partners

We collaborate with a dozen of Sweden's most forward-looking unions, which offer their members easy access to Sweden's most modern advisory services for working life.

We also look forward to working with even more companies and organizations. Please contact us if you would like to know more about what we can do for you.