Feedback on LinkedIn profile for consultant

Feedback within:

24 hours


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Feedback from an expert

What the job expert will give feedback on


Be relevant and targeted.

How you can customize your profile for the job and the type of client you are looking for and highlight what is important for them.


Complete and correct profile

How you can be better at presenting yourself and make sure what you want to convey is achieved.


Present achievements and build credibility

How you can convey who you are as a consultant and enhance what makes you special.


Active, brief and correct

How you can be better at presenting yourself and make sure what you want to convey is achieved.

This is included:

  • Advice based on research and research (NBT method)
  • The most important advice for you
  • Assessment based on the type of job / job you want
  • Honest and straightforward advice from an independent expert
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Frequently asked questions

We do not make any changes for you. You will learn what you need to improve to become more relevant. Some comments from the feedback you will be able to fix in just a few minutes. Other comments will require a little more work. A recurring problem when it comes to job search is that the personality is not there. That is why, in most cases, it’s best to write it yourself. The feedback will make it easier for you to move forward because you know what to focus on.

Because they most likely do not have the skills required to give really useful advice, even if they have opinions and are willing to help. Friends also tend to be too kind, and that's not what you need in order to be helped. Instead, use your friends to ask for help when it comes to networking!

Our advice is based on collective experience from employers, recruiters, headhunters and career counselors. There is also research in several related areas, such as psychology, rhetoric and sales. We have gone through years of research, talked to experts and identified the factors that make other people want to work with you and that make your profile create interest and work for you.