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NBT method

There is research on how to reach out with their skills to get new jobs or assignments and how to make sure to show themselves to create interest and opportunities. There is also research in several related areas, such as psychology, rhetoric and sales. We’ve gone through years of research, talked to a variety of experts and identified the factors that make other people want to work with you and who dothat you are contacted or that your application or project description goes ahead.

3 building blocks



Do your stuff. This is about showing what you can achieve, what you can contribute, how you work and what results you can achieve.

Will power

Show what you want. Here it is about giving a picture of what drives you, what interests you, what you value and what is important to you.


Describe which context you work best in. What context we are in has a very big impact on how we perform and how we feel. This is about showing what people you want to work with, how and where you want to work.

A circular process

Development is often considered linear, and classic career guidance is usually based on a linear approach where both our preferences and the outside world are assumed to be fixed. You set plans for 10 years ahead rather than take one thing at a time and be prepared to change direction on the road.

Based on current research and on the premises that today's labor market is based on, Go Monday works with a circular process. To progress toward more and more rewarding jobs or assignments, you need to continually take a direction, move in that direction, and adjust as you go. Here's how we see it.

However, most of us have other priorities when we take our first job compared to ten years later. And it's not just our preferences that are changing; the needs of the labor market sometimes change even faster. That is why we have completely chosen to refrain from just the word 'career' and instead we talk about job life.

Set a directionGet caught upGet it done

When we think back on the big changes in the job life, most of us can see that those changes were often completely unforeseen. Maybe you happened to meet someone with a certain interest that later influenced your choice of job. Maybe you carry an unusual illness that made you later choose to become a doctor. Maybe you have come across an old friend who turned out to work at the very company you wanted to go to, or at a company you had never even thought of but turned out to be absolutely perfect for you.

Since these are to some extent unforeseen events, you cannot have full control, set an exact goal or develop a detailed plan. However, you can make sure to create more favorable conditions for the unforeseen to occur. And you can get ready to capture the opportunities as they emerge. This is a pervasive theme in our advice and approach. We have developed methods and tools that support random and unforeseen rather than denying them.

Our methods in our services

When we give you advice, regardless of which of our services, we always use the above method and approach. With these as a basis, we have developed tools that enable all our employees to provide high quality advice on these as a basis, so that you as a customer will recognize you at every contact with us, and that we can offer classic expensive services to competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

In our method and approach, there are a number of criteria that are weighted against each other so that we can make correct judgments and give relevant advice every time - regardless of which of us actually does the job. We believe that this makes our method systematic and more scientifically substantiated.

Then another review goes

Then we give feedback

When we receive your order, we appoint a job expert who goes through what is to be reviewed and gets to know your situation.

The job expert makes a systematic review of your information based on all the criteria we have identified. All feedback is done manually. The job expert uses technical support. Thanks to this, we can provide personal and relevant advice at a reasonable cost.

Finally, the job expert compiles a report with advice on what you need to improve.

  • Based on research and best practices

  • Systematic and documented method

  • We always reply within 24 hours

Then another review goes 2

Then another call goes

When we receive your order, we appoint a job expert. Before the interview, the job expert goes through the information you have provided and then calls you during the time interval you have booked.

The job expert directs the conversation based on your original question, if nothing else is desired. Hen is based primarily on our method and approach in counseling.

When the conversation has ended, you should have received help with the question you formulated before the conversation and know how you can proceed yourself.

  • Effektiv rådgivning / problemlösning

  • Professionella jobbexperter med mångårig erfarenhet

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